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Electronic Fund Transfers (EFT’s)

You can transfer funds directly to any bank account!

This is a quick, easy and secure way of managing your funds.

There are two types of EFT payments:

  1. Electronic Funds Transfer – Outbound (paying funds from your Credit Union account)
    Members can transfer funds electronically to bank accounts anywhere and can also set up a standing order which is a regular payment e.g. pay a utility bill.
  2. Electronic Funds Transfer – Inbound (your wages, social welfare paid directly into your Credit Union account)
    Your Credit Union accounts has a unique BIC and IBAN number. You must quote your Credit Union account BIC and IBAN number when paying funds into your account from an external source- banking online, wages, social welfare, pension payments etc.


  • Quick, easy, fast and secure
  • No worries about remembering to pay at the right time (standing order)
  • No queuing
  • No cost to the member

NB You can pay any bill through your BCU Account at any time.

To avail of this facility, you must have first registered for the CU Online service.