You now have the option to view, print and save your statements. eStatements allow you to access your account summaries at any time.

It’s easy, convenient and more importantly it’s safe and secure.


What is an e-statement?

An e-statement is an electronic version of your bank statement. It is formatted as a traditional bank statement but is available as a portable document format file (PDF) via our web site.


Why should I switch to e-statements?

You should switch to e-statements for many reasons. They are actually more secure than receiving a statement via traditional mail. The statement is stored on our secure servers and is only accessible via online banking. We will alert you via email when your statement is ready to view. Your statements are available as soon as they are generated instead of needing to wait for mail delivery.


How do I save my e-statement for future reference?

Since the e-statement is provided to you as portable document format (PDF) file, you can use your PDF viewer software to save a copy of the statement to your local computer. You can then back it up electronically for archival purposes. You can also print the statement on your local computer and archive the paper copy of you wish. As with all online banking and personal information, you should ensure your computer is secured.


Is there a charge for e-statements?

No. You can switch to e-statements for free!


Is my e-statement information secure?

Yes. Your e-statements are stored at our secure servers. We protect our data centers with physical security as well as with firewalls and various intrusion detection and prevention systems. If you choose to print or store your statements locally, they are as secure as you make them.


Will I need a password to view my e-statement?

Yes. You will need your online banking login name and password. That is all.


Will I be able to print my e-statement?

Yes. The e-statement is delivered to you as a PDF file which you can print on your local printer.


How do I sign up for e-statements?

You can sign up by registering for online access & once you log in, you will need to untick the section for receiving statements by post (under Personal Details) thus ensuring that you are now opted in for e-statements.


Will I need any special software to view my e-statement?

You will need a PDF viewer program. You probably already have one installed. The most commonly used program is Adobe Acrobat reader. This are available to download for free from their makers’ respective sites.


What is Adobe Acrobat Reader, and why do I need it?

Adobe Acrobat Reader is one example of a PDF reader program. In order to view your e-statements you will need this or another PDF reader program installed on your computer. These programs are generally available for free download via the web.


How can I get Adobe Acrobat Reader?

You can download Adobe Acrobat reader from the Adobe web site.


How long will it take to set up my e-statements once I’m enrolled?

After you enrol, your first e-statement will be generated at your account’s normal statement cycle date.


Who should I contact if I can’t access my e-statement?

You can:


How do I cancel my e-statement?

If you need to cancel e-statements, you will need to contact a member of staff & notify your cancellation of e-statements


Can I receive both paper and electronic statements?

No, unfortunately, it is either one or the other.


Will I continue to receive paper statements?

Once enrolled, you will no longer receive paper statements on the enrolled account(s).